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JISC Users and Innovation Programme Meeting

29th / 30th January 2009


Purpose: The aim of the meeting is to:

· celebrate your projects’ successes

· iron out any last minute issues that your projects may have

· ensure that projects are aware of what is required in the final and completion reports

· discover how JISC comms may help in the last few months of the project and what other opportunities for showcasing may be available

· gather data for the evaluation of the programme

· explore future JISC funding opportunities.

How have things have changed for your users, your institution, your project and yourselves as a result of your participation in the JISC U&I programme? Has it been steady-state since the begining? Or, has your project made a difference?

Taking place in the week of CETIS's conference on Learning, Teaching and the Institution, Emerge's Altered States conference will explore the complex relationships between practitioners, innovation and institutions. Emerge members are invited to contribute their experiences, perspectives and ideas to a range of online activities.
Altered States
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Emerge will be Elluminating five sessions at ALT-C
Who, or what, are User 2.0? How are web2.0 technologies impacting on learners, teachers and institutions? How are users shaping the technologies? This conference will focus on the interactions between different users and web2.0 technologies.

The conference is about sharing our stories with other projects, drawing on their experience and reflecting on what we have learn.
A three day online conference looking at cutting edge developments and practice under the banner of ‘Digital Communities and Digital Identities’, taking place on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of April.

As well as housing conference support and related materials, we will be using this Moodle space to run a Dragon’s Den, which will be open from Monday 21 April to Friday 2 May. Following the community invitation for small benefits realisation projects, members will be able to submit draft ideas to a Dragon’s Den and receive feedback and comments from the resident Dragons.
Attendees are also invited to contribute to Self Identity in the e-World, a discussion lead by John Sanders.

This area is to support project and programme evaluation activities.

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Users& Innovation Programme Meeting start-up and welcome for new projects 24th – 25th January 2008 The Royal York Hotel, York
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This site will be used to host community discussion and questions about the 2/07 JISC capital programme call
JISC Capital Programme 2/07
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Growing and sustaining our community through a research-led approach

Appreciative inquiry
The aims of this event are to: consolidate and celebrate the development and vibrancy of the Emerge community; identify and develop shared interests; to plan, as a whole community, our future direction and goals.

The aims of the online activity days are for individuals, teams, groups and clusters to share ideas, expertise and expectations, to engage with the Users and Innovation Development Model (UIDM) processes and project development process and success criteria, and to develop Community Generated Activities: online, offline and blended.
Emerge Conference Diagram
This is a course/environment where new users can learn and experiment Moodle environments and for experienced users to test the use of new installed plug-ins, filters, design, etc.